【Amazon輸出】A to Z クレーム 解決後もデフェクトレート Defect rate がそのままの場合

【Amazon輸出】A to Z クレーム 解決後もデフェクトレート Defect rate がそのままの場合
商品未着でA to Z クレームが来ましたが、郵便局で保管されていることが分かり、

From your email, I understand that you are concerned about the Order Defect Rate due to the A-Z claim for the order:

Also, I do understand that the buyer withdraw the claim for the order. I will surely help you with your concern.

On checking, I see that the buyer withdraw the claim and hence there is no issue from your side. So, I would like to inform that since the claim is withdrawn, your Order Defect rate should not be affected.

We have separate team called seller performance team who review the listings and take care of the seller ratings. In this situation, I kindly suggest you to contact our seller performance team and explain your situation, so that they can make a note of this and take actions to make sure this wont affect your performance.

Also, I can confirm once our internal team annotated in your account, your holiday selling will not affected as well. So, I highly recommend you to contact our internal team soon with Valid proof for justification, So that they can investigate the issue and they decide accordingly to maintain your account metrics.

You can write your inquiry to this team directly by using the below email:


Once they receive your email, It will take 24 to 48 hours for them to respond to your email.

あなたから、A-Z claimによるOrder Defect Rateに関するメッセージを受け取りました。

あなたのOrder Defect rateにも影響があるべきではありません。

私たちには、複数のチームがあり、seller performance team がリスティングを評価し、
このケースの場合、私はあなたにseller performance team へ連絡を取り、

あなたのholiday sellingに関しても、影響することがなくなります。
それゆえ、すぐにでもチームにコンタクトを取り、Valid proof for justification(正当化するための証明)





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